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Meet HYPRO Water! My new best friend!

And hopefully yours too, soon!

by Nel Olivia Waga, 01.03.2021, located on 1st March 2021, 12:15 pm

Water is the essence of life, of health, and of well-being. A large percentage of our bodies consists of water. And hopefully each of you also drinks 2-3 liters of water a day, just like I. Whenever I am at home, I drink filtered tap water (which I prefer over bottled water). I am so excited that my water filter at home has finally been upgraded with Hytecon’s new “HYPRO Water”. An innovative and modern water purification device for your home – one of the most powerful, new and unique technology on the market. It combines brand new UVC-LED disinfection and highest performance filtration, which is internationally certified and patented.Have you ever wondered about the quality of water you drink on a daily basis? Have you ever questioned what the water you drink, contains? Me neither, until I’ve read several studies about it. Despite the fact that countries like Switzerland, Germany and Austria have some of the best quality tap waters on our planet, you never know what your houses pipes are looking like behind the walls or in the underground system. Global warming also has an impact on pipes being overheated and producing more unhealthy bacteria for example. Drinking such bacteria on a daily basis can cause immediate and longterm health risks.

The HYPRO Water is unbeatably sustainable and safe. The water from the HYPRO has a 300x smaller ecological and CO2 footprint than conventional bottled water. To help improve the sustainability of our planet and save not only the cost of buying and efforts of carrying hundreds of (glass or plastic) water bottles per month, HYTECON has launched its futuristic and innovative HYPRO Water. A perfectly purified tap water, that is clean and free from any risky bacteria, hormones, drugs and chemicals.

HYPRO Water makes your tap to a safe source of health, for yourself and your family. I am a huge fan of its softness, purity and the clean taste. It truly makes a difference – and as a water connoisseur I am the happiest, especially during this lockdown. It’s very easy to handle, to install, has the size of a shoe box and fits into every kitchen, it could also be combined with any carbonator you use. I believe, that this is the future of water – not only because of its healthy aspects, but also of its unique and smart technology, that is sustainable and could do so much for our planet. Imagine how much plastic and glass production could be reduced  in the world, if all households would use a device like HYPRO Water!

For the water to go, there is also a solution, the super chic black sustainable stainless steel bottle by HYTECON, that I simply fill up with my pure HYPRO water and take along to the gym, to my run or to a meeting.

Order your HYPRO WATER here and get an additional gift by entering the code: pure&safe_etiquette (valid till 31.05.2021).