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Research and Development

We have our own research and development team, which is made up of specialists in the fields of chemistry, electrical engineering, environmental technology and construction.

Our own laboratories for the respective departments enable us to keep advancing the state of the art and thus to develop the most innovative and high-quality products for our customers.


Treating water with sustainable UVC disinfection is a globally recognised and very effective process. As a technology, it is superior to all chemical processes, especially when compared to the use of chlorine in water.

Disinfection is based on purely physical processes that allow sustainable treatment of your water without the use of chemicals or the danger of creating toxic by-products.

The core of the process is based on inactivating the DNA/RNA of bacteria, viruses and parasites using UVC radiation, something that happens in seconds.

The HYPRO WATER makes maximum use of UVC LED radiation thanks to Hytecon’s globally patented Dynamic Twist Technology. This optimises the flow of the UV light into the water.

The result is a superior disinfecting result that has already been patented internationally and has been certified by the most important institutes worldwide.

How does UVC LED disinfection work in the HYPRO WATER?

Light covers of a broad electromagnetic spectrum of wavelengths. UV radiation lies on the spectrum between X-rays and visible light and is invisible to the human eye.

UV radiation is very rich in energy and has a germicidal effect within the wavelength range of 200–300 nanometres. The RNA and DNA of pathogens are so damaged by the light that the harmful germs can no longer replicate and thus no longer cause disease.

In the HYPRO WATER, the advantages of using state-of-the-art UV-C LED technology really come into their own. HYTECON’s special LEDs work within a wavelength range of 260 to 275 nm. This guarantees incomparably effective inactivation of viruses and bacteria.

The extremely fast reaction time of the LEDs means that the disinfection power is available within nanoseconds of switching on. As LEDs allow for almost any number of on/off cycles, which means that you can restrict the UV system to being turned on only when fresh water is really needed. This saves energy and protects the environment.

Unlike conventional UV-C water treatment devices, HYTECON does not use mercury-based UV lamps. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal the use of which has been banned internationally by the Minamata Convention. HYTECON has already consistently applied the Minamata Convention. For the greatest environmental friendliness.


What is activated carbon?

The activated carbons used in drinking water treatment are made from plant-based substances such as coconut shells and are deployed as powders, pellets, granules or monoblocks.

One particular property of activated carbon is that it has a high capacity for adsorption. This allows pollutants such as pesticides, medicines, hormones, heavy metals and organic compounds to be filtered out of the water. Thanks to this ability, activated carbon filtration is widely used as an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and highly effective method of treating drinking water.

How the activated carbon filtration works

The principle of activated carbon treatment of water is based on adsorbing pollutants on the surface of the activated carbon. Since, for example, the inner surface of 4 g of activated carbon is the area of a football field, many pollutants can be adsorbed on the activated carbon.

In addition to adsorbing pollutants, our sintered activated carbon block filter can also filter particles, such as microplastics, out of the water by means of mechanical filtration. Furthermore, our filter has catalytic and reductive properties that break down harmful substances such as ozone, chlorine and chloramines into harmless products.


Our activated carbon filters are recyclable, which makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment. They make use of the water supply pressure to purify the water, and thus do not use any additional energy. The result is an environmentally friendly circuit.


Technical Details

  • Capacity 3 litres per minute
  • No waste water, unlike in the case of reverse osmosis
  • Highest industrial standard (400 J/m²)
  • Internationally certified
  • Filter life 4 months or 2000 litres
  • Low energy consumption
  • Regular self-disinfection
  • The latest UVC LED technology / no mercury

Our patents

The HYPRO WATER is protected by the following patents:

  • EP3227237B2

  • JP6745270B2

  • KR102102514B1

  • US10377644B2

  • US10570030B2

  • DE102016122075B3

  • KR102094582B1

Our certificates